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What are the issues and fixes of Hotmail not working on the phone?

Though the Hotmail account is widely used due to its features, there are times when users encounter issues while using the Hotmail account. Multiple issues are commonly faced by the users which makes it hard or almost impossible to access the account. If you are facing any issue and seeking help, you have come to the right place.


Common issues in Hotmail

In case, you are facing any issue related to the Hotmail account, you can fix it easily, but before that, you need to have a clear idea about the possible issues. There could be several reasons for Hotmail not working properly. Some of them are as follows:


  • Hotmail is not compatible with the browser.
  • The device is not compatible with the installed version of the app or browser.
  • JavaScript is not enabled on the web browser.
  • The cache, cookies, and browsing history might be causing the issue.
  • Your Hotmail account is blocked.
  • Your phone is running out of space.
  • Antivirus is not allowing Hotmail to work properly.


Fix for Hotmail issues

If you want your Hotmail to work properly on your device, try out some fixes, as mentioned below:


  • Ensure there is a proper internet connection.
  • You can check the IMAP or POP settings to ensure Hotmail is working properly.
  • Check the storage space of your phone and if required, delete unnecessary things.
  • Use a compatible browser or device.
  • In case of a password issue, you can reset the password to access your Hotmail account.


For further queries related to the issue of Hotmail not working, you can contact the support team of Hotmail. You can find the contact details on the official website of Hotmail. The technical experts will assist you with all the required info and they are available round the clock, for your assistance. They can be contacted over the call, email or using a live chat option.

Get quick support for Hotmail account not updating on iPhone

Hotmail is on of the Microsoft product designed especially for webmail, contact, and tasks, and was launched in 1996 by Shabeer Bhatia and Jacksmith. Email is known to be a great way to interact although because too many technical as well as non-technical sometimes it can stop responding or create problem while updating. But Liable on the type of issue there are fixes as well. You can fix common issues yourself by using these methods or cam contact hotmail customer service live person.


How to fix Hotmail account not updating on iPhone?

These are the following ways through which you can update the Hotmail in very simple ways. Updating fail can be because of two things improper Hotmail settings and server problem.


Internet connection- make sure you have a running an internet connection. If the an issue is because of the internet then you need not check again and try to connect to nice internet

Use supported browser– Hotmail can be only accessed with few supported browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, chrome, safari as so on. Try to update on these browsers

Hotmail not sync with iphone- many times issue occur when iphone is not synced with iphone due to improper settings in order to fix this issue user need to update it manually. To perform this user have to go to settings then select password and accounts there user need to tap on mail days to sync.

Check third party app installed– make sure antivirus is not interrupting your Hotmail work, user can temporarily turn it off and check if it is working. If not then go to settings and disable it manually in order to update Hotmail.

In case your Hotmail is still not updating you can contact Hotmail customer service live person and ask them for help, you can also ask queries via email. They will try solving your problem in every way possible.

How to get in touch with online computer tech support?

Have you ever wondered seeing 'No Input Signal' on your monitor as you on your PC? There are the times when a PC user gets stuck with this issue and start to panic. If you encounter such a situation then all you need to keep calm and follow the steps mentioned in this article. Or else, you can contact the computer tech support team which is just one call away from you, all you need is to make a call on computer technical support team.

Besides, if you see 'No Signal Input' then you need to check the cable attached to the monitor. Also, you should give a cross-check for each and every cord connected with the other peripherals.

If the issue still persists, then, the issue is not with the cable wire connected to the monitor. Hence, it might be an issue with your monitor. So check the monitor for any issue by following these steps:


  • You should turn off the monitor until its power light turns off. But leave your computer turn ON, don't turn off the PC.
  • Then you have to unplug the cords from the monitor.
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds, and then you need to plug it again.
  • Now press the power button of your monitor and wait for staring the monitor.


In addition, if you don't find any issue with the monitor then you need to check your PC. And to do so, follow the steps mentioned below:


  • First of all, open your PC case.
  • Then you will require searching for the Video Card.
  • As you find the video card in the motherboard of your PC, you need to remove the card and wipe it with a clean tissue paper or a synthetic cloth. And firmly place it in the exact location from where you have removed it earlier.
  • Also, if it is possible for you, then you need to put it into another Video Card slot on the motherboard.


By following the above-mentioned instructions, you will resolve the monitor issue without any hassle. If it doesn’t seem to be helpful for you then you must contact online computer tech support services. There is a plentiful service provider who offers their service at no cost. 

What to do to unshare a calendar in an Outlook 2016? Here are the ways

Outlook email account is used a free web mail account across the world. It has one of the best resources to manage account in all respects. It is so simple to manage Outlook Web App to share your calendar with anyone inside your organization. If you have shared your calendar with someone using your email account or within your organization then you will be able add some other important items to go directly to their calendar view in Outlook Web App instantly with the help of Outlook customer service center available at a short span of the time.

How to Unshare a calendar in Outlook 2016?

So this article will teach you how to share as well as unshared calendar in an Outlook 2016. You can select the share button that helps to share and unshared the files with the name of our email address of the person that you want to share your calendar within the share and with the box. You can select the full details that will show the exact date and time, subject, and location with the correct information online. You can edit the subject if you want and can share or unshared calendar in an Outlook 2016.

Following are the ways leading you to unshare a calendar in Outlook 2016:

  • Go to the Outlook email account using the correct email address and password.
  • Press sign in button and select calendar tab you want to unshare and press next button.
  • Select the permission button and enter the description to stop sharing your calendar with a person.
  • Go to the settings and change the permission at the new level to find the person you can share.
  • Now press none button and click on the OK tab at the end of the procedure.

For more help and information, you can make a call at Outlook support number which is available at every single of time to get the issue fixed instantly.


Website: http://www.ithelpnumber.com/outlook-customer-service

How to set up iCloud email on windows?

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service, widely used on Apple devices. It is competent to use on Windows 10 but before that, it is important to install and setup using a valid troubleshooting procedure. So if you are moving your iCloud service from Mac to Pc, you need to go for the setup procedure that helps to sync all mail, calendar, application files, and storage capacity as well. It is quite normal to set up this kind of the email account on your Windows 10 due to its application services.

Once you set up your iCloud account in Windows 10, the life in the start menu allows finding out the notification for each second on your Windows to read the message and reply them at the right time. In case you face any kind of the difficulty you can contact a tech support representative who will offer you the best solution to set up your iCloud account quite simply. All you need to do is just pick up your mobile phone and make a call at iCloud support number which is frequently available at a very short span of the time.

Here are the ways to set up iCloud email on Windows 10 PC easily:

  • First and foremost, start on your Windows 10 device.
  • Click on the start button and type the settings.
  • Select the settings apps and click on account button.
  • Press on adding an account button and select the iCloud from the other menu list.
  • Now select the advanced settings button and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Click on the setup button and enter the correct user name and click on the mail server.
  • Select the IMAP and SMTP mail server and press on the enable button.
  • Enter the correct iCloud email address and select add button from the menu list.
  • Press on the done button and select the all done to start the cloud service at the end of the task.

After setting up iCloud email, you can check out the notification of emails easily. If you unable to receive the notification, you must check out the settings to find out the cause of the error. Although you know each setting however you are not able to manage your iCloud service, at this you need to visit iCloud customer service center which is on at 24 by 7 to offer relatively solution for each problem from a prudent tech support engineers.      

Gmail not sending emails with attachments need the solution:

Gmail is a highly authentic source of communication and this product and service are designed and developed by Google. The company Google is in self a top rank information technology company and now a day people are fond of using at least one of the products on the daily life. Gmail occurs worst when the mail becomes unable to be sent with attachments. There are so many people complaining about the same situation. There is a certain solution to this glitch. You are recommended to get connected with Gmail customer service where all kind of solutions is provided in real time.

How to resolve Gmail email sending failed with attachments:

  • There are some common things you need to cross-check.
  • Check the internet connectivity first of all.
  • Check the server issues and if find any then resolve the issues.
  • Check the STMP settings and make the setting properly.
  • The file should be of limited size.
  • Make sure you have zipped the files that need to be attached.

These terms should be verified carefully and then proceed attaching the file. Here in the Gmail email files would be attached simply. In case you are not getting any solution then you will easily find Gmail customer service number on the support site of Gmail to dial. Dialing the number is very easy and you will get the end-to-end solution on this platform. If you do not know how to find the number then just ask your nearest one who is fond of using Gmail.

Why get support from Gmail customer service number:

  • You get all the solutions on the single platform.
  • Users are always open to getting connected for accurate solutions.
  • All the solutions enclose a certain time period in which you will be resolved.
  • A chance to get interacted with technical troubleshooter.

Since most of the issues are confined technically thus it is not possible to get resolve easily. Most of the cases require a specialist who could understand the exact scenario and able to make an alignment to resolve all the issues. The company Google is definitely not a small firm. The state-of-art infrastructure of the company is completely equipped with all the digital gadgets. These electronic devices are very helpful in providing the hassle-free communication in between users and technical troubleshooter. All the technicians are highly educated and they are completely capable of providing the required solution free of cost. The system is open source and remains open day and night both.


Website: http://www.ithelpnumber.com/gmail-customer-service

Source: http://www.ithelpnumber.com/gmail-customer-service

Steps to Setup Norton for Windows 10

If you have bought Norton anti -virus software and needed to know about how to set it up, then, all you need to do is go through following steps to set up your account:


  1. If you had previously installed Norton or other security software, then, you need to uninstall it, go through following to uninstall the Norton from Windows 10:


Go to norton.com/setup to setup the account.

You need to click on the Start button in the bottom left hand corner.

Click on Control Panel.

Since you are using Windows 10. In Windows 10, open Programs and features.

Click on the Norton Program as it is older version and needed to be removed.

Click on Uninstall or Remove.

Click on Norton Complete uninstall.

A window depicting Subscription waiting period Warning pops up.

Click on Restart Now. This restarts the computer.


  1. Install Norton Security:


  1. Type the URL in the address bar and go to Norton Account.
  2. Enter the email ID and password.
  3. Click onto SignIn button.
  4. If you are logging in for the first time after purchase, you can select out of the two choices:
  5. i) Install on this device.
  6. ii) Install on another device.
  7. Click on Agree & Download and get the software downloaded. Install the software

          on another device.

  1. Once the software has been downloaded onto the computer you can go for Norton’s downloader program.
  2. Run the downloader program. Running the program starts the download and installation of security program.


  1. If you need to install Norton Security onto Additional devices, you can do it on computer or mobile. To install the software, go through simple steps:


  •  Log into Norton Management console.
  • On the Management homepage, you can see Download Norton and you can add more devices.
  • Click onto the button and select Install on Another device.
  • Go through the on -screen instructions.

You can get the help by going on norton.com/setup help. This URL gives description of Norton security anti -virus software and choose the product that suits your requirement.

Norton has launched multiple anti -virus software. There is a unique suite for Wi fi protection, and Smartphone protection.

For more information, you can get expert assistance by calling on helpline number.

Norton Anti -virus software’s help to protect against following troubles:

  • Drive by downloads and web attacks.
  • Non process and injected threats.
  • Bots and botnets.

With Norton anti -virus, protect the system against threat and increase the system performance.